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Lirik Lagu Favorite Girl - Justin Bieber Lengkap dengan Terjemahan Bahasa Indonesia, Viral di TikTok!

- Selasa, 18 Januari 2022 | 20:46 WIB
Video klip Justin Bieber 'Favorite Girl'
Video klip Justin Bieber 'Favorite Girl'

SMOL.ID - Belakangan ini pada laman FYP TikTok seringkali dijumpai video TikTok yang menggunakan lagu Favorite Girl Justin Bieber sebagai backsoundnya.

Lagu Favorite Girl milik Justin Bieber merupakan lagu yang dirilis pada tahun 2009.

Namun, kini kembali viral di TikTok lantaran lirik lagu Favorite Girl - Justin Bieber dinilai cukup romantis.

Berikut Lirik Lagu Favorite Girl - Justin Bieber

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Ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ah oh
Ah ah ah ah

I always knew you were the best
The coolest girl I know
So prettier than all the rest
The star of my show
So many times I wished you'd be the one for me
I never knew it'd get like this, girl, what you do to me
You're who I'm thinking of
Girl, you ain't my runner-up
And no matter what you're always number one

My prized possession
One and only
Adore ya
Girl, I want ya
The one I can't live without, that's you, that's you

You're my special
Little lady
The one that makes me crazy
Of all the girls I've ever known, it's you, it's you
My favorite, my favorite, my favorite
My favorite girl, my favorite girl

You're used to going out your way to impress these Mr. Wrongs
But you can be yourself for me, I'll take you as you are
I know they said, "Believe in love, " is a dream that can't be real
So, girl, let's write a fairy tale
And show 'em how we feel


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